Real estate business in the UK or any other part of the globe can be a complicated and stressful affair. This is especially so for people who have never been through the process before. Having a great real estate agent on the front line is always important.

However, picking the right agent isn’t a downhill ride as many may presume. It doesn’t have to be a tall order neither- you still stand a chance in knowing whether you have picked the right real estate agent for you or not if you followed these five basic guidelines;

1.     You enjoy their company

You definitely need to at least enjoy the company of your agent. This is because you are going to spend a lot of time communicating with him/her. The relationship doesn’t have to be a completely happy one, but at least it needs to be as painless as possible. What could be worse than dealing with a person who totally disgusts you?  If you enjoy the company of your agent even when the tides get bigger, then you have found the right agent.

2.     Always responsive and available

This is non-negotiable! The right agent will always avail himself when called upon. He never leaves you on standby mode for a response. If they make you feel like you always have to wait too long- then something is wrong somewhere. Good agents know how critical a real estate transaction is; they will always give their best just to ensure your needs are priority.

3.     Asks you to get pre-approved

For a buyer who hasn’t spoken with a mortgage professional first before going out and in the hunt for houses, a good real estate agent will ask you to get pre-approved. This can be frustrating if you don’t comprehend the reasons why- still, a good agent understands that this move is just for your own good just as much as it theirs too.

4.     They’re proactive

The right agent will always delve deeper into your quests. They will not only go through the motions and take orders, but will also be proactive in helping you identify and realize your dreams faster. For example, instead of just waiting for you to send details of properties you might have seen somewhere; a good buyer’s agent will always be on the hunt for your ideal property. They even suggest realistic things that you might never have considered before. That is an indicator of a true real estate agent in the UK.

5.     Honesty is a virtue

A true agent will always tell you the naked truth just as it is and when you need to hear it. No sugar coating stuff- even when it inconveniences them. Honesty requires guts when you know it might cost you money. Still, a great agent will always put to the table their character, honesty, and integrity ahead of the pink slip. When they know what you are looking for is impossible, they wouldn’t keep your dead dreams in the life support machine- they will tell you the harsh truth.

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How to Know You Have Picked the Right Real Estate Agent